Data Repository

Through this site, a centralized location for researchers to organize, store, and share data and metadata in a nonproprietary format (.xls, pdf, nb, m, docx or input data file for widely used commercial codes) that can be used by other researchers.

The ultimate goal is to provide access to different types of experimental and computational data to promote and facilitate collaborative and interactive processes required in the fracturemechanics based analysis of concrete and concrete structures.

This project is inspired by NEES Project Warehouse

Major French Research Program

Courtesy of Prof. Mazars, you are encouraged to consult the web sites
  • CEOS project which includes three working areas that relate to the control for cracking: THM behavior, monotonic loadings and cyclic loading, including experiments and modeling on large specimens
  • Vercors project which is a research program based on tests performed on a mock-up of a reactor containment building at scale 1/3.
Both sites contain innombrable measurements collected since pouring of concrete and predictive calculations. More specific information can be found in the presentation of Prof. Mazars at Framcos-9.